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Mock Inspections

Please contact me for pricing as this is dependent on the size of your premises and the time the inspection will take.

Sample Mock Inspection Programme


9:00am Meet with manager on arrival


9:20am Tour of premises


9:30am Observations in each room including observations with the manager and one with the deputy manager and tracking of children, including reading Early Learning Journeys


12:00pm Examining documentation to support leadership and management judgement


1:00pm  Break for 30 mins


1:30pm Interview with the manager


2:00pm Interview with the deputy manager


2:30pm Questioning staff to complete any gaps in information gathered


3:00pm Further observations to complete gaps in information gathered


4:00pm Testing regulatory matters (if needed)


4:30pm Feedback







Feedback can be done in two ways;


·        verbally which can be recorded so it can be listened to again or typed up.


·        Brief verbal feedback with a report. This costs an additional £150.


All notes I have taken during the day will be left with you as I should not be taking any information about your settings with me when I leave at the end of the day.





Feedback will be done in three ways


1.      High priority work that needs to be actioned as soon as possible. This will relate directly to the type of actions Ofsted would raise against regulations and would be a clear indicator of requires improvement


2.      Medium priority work. These could be issues that may lead to requires improvement but these issues move into the realms of subjectivity and experience


3.      Low priority work, these will be issues that are picked up to help you to create the “Wow” factor to your setting. These will be based on topical thinking and new ways of working with our very youngest children.




Terms and conditions of working in your setting


1.      I am happy to undertake unannounced visits so long as someone is able to verify that I have been employed to undertake this work.


2.      I will not pre-empt issues by saying I should not be left on my own or I should not be allowed to carry electronic equipment such as computers, tablets or telephones, to ensure staff abide by your policies, however should I find myself in this situation I will address it immediately and take notes for feedback


3.      I will not speak to parents, if I come across an issue that as an inspector I would want to discuss with parents I will discuss this with the manager.


4.      I will research your setting prior to the inspection as much as possible in line with the description of what inspectors are required to do


5.      I will have several recent CRBs with me and carry my driver’s license and company information


6.      No information will be shared with any other party as a result of work I undertake and I will abide by the terms and conditions of the Data Protection Act.


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