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Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management is an IN HOUSE training course for the full staff team.


The course aims to help you to implement a consistent approach in dealing with children's behaviour and to allow staff to better understand how their own behaviour and actions can impact on a child's development.


Course Objectives


The purpose of this course is to give all staff a common understanding of how the setting manages the behaviour of children in the setting. Personal differences of staff preferences and their own sets of morals are explored in order to attain common boundaries that all staff understand. This ensures all children have their behaviour managed consistently.

Appropriate methods to discourage unwanted behaviour are explored that take into account the differing ages and stages of development within nursery and out of school children. Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) is examined according to the ages of children attending the setting.


Course Outline




Setting the boundaries of acceptable behaviour


Discovering the personal differences that exist within a
staff team


Reaching a common understanding


Prioritising boundaries


Managing behaviour consistently


Developing children in to good citizens


Appropriate methods for managing unwanted behaviour


Role – modelling, what children learn from adults


P.S.E.D. as stipulated by the EYFS


Understanding the regulations


Understanding the guidance


Observations and assessment


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