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Complaints & Better Outcomes

The Complaints & Better Outcomes course is for MANAGEMENT AND SENIOR STAFF only. We regularly run the Complaints course at public training events and it is available as personalised distance learning. We do offer it as an in house course for all senior staff if you wish but it is more cost effective to run it as telephone and email training.


This training is offered at a time when Ofsted are taking stronger measures regarding the regulations with providers. As from the 1st November 2013, Ofsted will be removing the satisfactory grade and replacing it with a “needs improvement” judgement. If you receive a "needs improvement" judgement, inspections will increase and unless providers attain a "good" judgement, Ofsted are stating that they may begin cancellation procedures. Ofsted are including the whole history of your setting when making these judgements and where any complaints have arisen (even anonymous ones), it is affecting the outcome judgement heavily.


This has been covered in both Nursery World and E.Y.E. at length.



Course Objectives


The purpose of this course is to enable providers and managers to be able to respond to complaints in a manner that meets the regulations of the Early Years Foundation Stage and also improves the outcomes for all. Staff will be able to prevent complaints from escalating and forms to assist you in keeping good complaints files will be given. The course will give you an insight into when to conduct internal investigations and how to do so in a secure manner to prevent prolonged litigation from any party. The course explains what information you need to provide to complainants and how best to conduct an internal investigation when requested to do so by Ofsted. Unsatisfactory notifications to Ofsted often result in investigation visits or more frequent inspections and this course will assist you to include the best quality information to prevent this.


Course Outline


An overview of the difference between civil and criminal law


What all providers and managers need to know about
the legislation set in the Early Years Foundation Stage


Dealing with complaints made to the nursery


When is a complaint a complaint?

Writing better outcome letters to users and Ofsted


Dealing with complaints made to Ofsted


A brief overview of Ofsted’s procedures

Managing the visit

The requirements of compliance

Completing the process and Ofsted’s procedures


Making correct notifications to prevent Ofsted investigations


What has to be notified and why - Timescales

What information needs to be supplied and why

How to make notifications, preventing Ofsted investigations

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