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We have helped to make a real impact at the settings we have trained. We have helped settings to acheive an "Outstanding" judgement and also helped settings on an inadequate judgement to be judged as "Good".


Below are testimonials from  nursery managers we trained and some of the feedback we have had from our training sessions under the respective course headings.


Nakissa Campbell (Stars of Hope)



"So far the courses I have attended by Influential Childcare are Supervision, Complaints and Robust Recruitment and Suitability Decisions.


Debbie Alcock’s sessions are stimulating and enjoyable. You really feel confident to ask questions and explore what things really mean. Each time I have completed her course I have literally rushed straight back to the nursery to implement what I have learnt.


I now do supervisions once a month, my complaints procedures have been adapted making them more transparent and the Robust Recruitment course has really opened my eyes.


Her courses are filled with legislation, how to interpret it, how to adapt it in practice and to update administratively. Debbie breaks everything down into bite sized chunks and you leave her course with a clear understanding of what should be updated, changed or implemented. I can honestly say it is the first time I have begun to really feel as though I am fully on top of compliance expectations as a provider and manager. In addition, my Deputy has also attended the courses and as such we are both learning together and growing together.


Debbie Alcock’s courses are a MUST for any provider, Manager, Deputy or anyone in childcare who have the relevant responsibilities relating to the courses available. I really cannot stress enough that not only are Influential Child Care Training's courses a MUST for any provider or management team they are EXCELLENT value for money. Her courses are amongst the best I have EVER attended with exceptional quality and value for money. But most importantly, you leave each session with the knowledge and skills to improve yourself, your setting and your team.


Debbie Alcock’s training sessions are not just OUTSTANDING they are



Liesl Hewitt

Manager at Aragon Tower - Zeeba


Dearest Debbie 


On behalf of myself and the director of the company Tian, we would like to thank you for the outstanding training that you have provided over the past year towards us. We had our Ofsted inspection early November 2014, and I can confirm that the outcome was a GOOD. (Attached is the full report for your viewing)


I would like to thank you out of the bottom of my heart for the valuable training you have supported my team with to prepare them for Ofsted, your training has been implemented within the team on different occasions. The managerial training that I have attended over different periods of a time has also been amazing and extremely supportive in our OFSTED inspection. Thank you so much for all your support and the support still to come. We could not have done it without out training and input. 


I am looking forward to extend my knowledge and experience through your training. We are ready to gain Outstanding, and will work the next few years to improve even more. Thank you for always being a call away, and just guiding me when I am unsure. Also, sharing fantastic websites and information which is crucial for us to be aware of. Thank you so much!!! 




“Hi Debbie, I wanted to send you a text to say that after your amazing training and advice we got an outstanding at our fourth nursery yesterday” – Owner of 5 nurseries


“Wow and thank goodness I came, [the supervision course] has given me so much and I will start using your form with all my staff immediately, thank you” – Owner of one full day care nursery and two pre-schools.

Complaints & Better Outcomes

“A really interesting and informative day. The form and the help given to write outcome letters was brilliant, having dealt with complaints as part of my job, this is the first time I have got really good advice” – Senior manager of a nursery chain

"I didn’t realise there was so much I didn’t know, thank you for making it so easy to understand, oh and the form is great I will be using this” – Owner of two after school settings.

Robust Recruitment

“It’s like we’ve been in total darkness about legislation concerning disqualification”

“Wow – lots of new knowledge, all my questions were answered. Very Informative”

“I’m pleased to know more about WHY I am doing robust recruitment but most importantly I can now improve my documents and support my staff in such a manner that they will feel secure and safe”

Preparing For Inspection

"I really enjoyed the course, I feel I now know what Ofsted are looking for at inspection"


"The course gave great information, really useful. I will definitely put what I learnt in to practice with regard to activities and the way I carry myself around the children"


"Everything about an Ofsted inspection was explained in a way we could understand"


"[The Preparing for Inspection course was] fantastic. It was loaded with very useful ideas on how to improve our setting and individual practice"


"I am now ready for an Ofsted inspection. What I have learnt has been really helpful and has given me more confidence"

Behaviour Management

"I think that the Behaviour Management course really helped me. I now know how to approach children in a way that will allow them to connect with me. I will gain more practice with this and hopefully it will help me deal better with the children when they have tantrums"


"I liked the course. It helped me to reflect on how and what to say to the children"

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